Setting an inclusive tone

I shot and edited a third eight-video training series for Consumers United for Evidence-based Healthcare to explore interpersonal dynamics on guideline panels between patients (consumers) and researchers, specialists and other clinicians. For this series they created scenarios based on real life experiences and we shot it with non-actors who in fact are consumer advocates, health researchers and doctors. It was amazing how ready the cast was to jump into roles they had in many cases not even seen yet. Additionally we shot on location at an international conference in Seoul, Korea – so most of us were jetlagged. The goal of the series is to prepare consumers for what to expect when they serve on a panel.

Role: Co-Director, Camera, Editor

Excerpts from Diagnosing Acute HIV Infection in Your Clinical Setting

This excerpt is from a course teaching New York State health care providers how to diagnose acute HIV infection. An individual is highly infectious in the acute stage of HIV infection so a diagnosis is essential to prevent the spread of HIV. The expert speaker, Dr. Urbina, is passionate about the topic and the cast and crew were also committed to the work. To see the entire video presentation visit the CEI training page.

Role: Producer, Director, Casting, Editor

New York City Immigration Coalition Gala 2016

For three years I have created gala videos for the New York Immigration Coalition. Their organization keeps growing each year, expanding their programs and making a difference for immigrants in this state. My role in the project is to help shape a coherent message out of many achievements and goals. We always shoot a lot of material and have only a short time edit it down to a very contained running time. For this gala year I also shot and edited four additional short videos for honorees at the event. 

Role: Camera, Co-Writer, Editor.

Cochrane Making a Difference Series

This video is the first in a new Cochrane Making a Difference Series. We shot them on location at an international conference in Vienna. I worked with the client to create messages about the impact their health research evidence has on people, practice or policy.  This story highlights the important work of Cochrane Canada. Croup, especially severe croup, can be a terrible experience for children and parents, but this video looks at a creative approach to educating parents on what to do. The Canadian team was very charming to work with and their story was compelling.

Role: Camera, Co-Writer, Editor.

Our own Soup Kitchen Community

I was honored when Trinity's Services and Food for the Homeless asked me to create this video series for them. The dedication of the volunteers and staff really impressed me on the day I spent shooting there and after as I worked the material. They used this video and four others in an online fundraising campaign that exceeded their goal. It’s great that they will be able to continue and expand the services they offer.

Role: Camera, Co-Writer, Editor

NIIC, Immigrants and the Economy

The last video in the series I created promoting the National Immigrant Integration Conference that was held in Brooklyn. This one focuses on the enormous contribution that immigrants make to the New York and national economy, especially through small businesses. Also, if you visit the LES (Lower East Side), you should check out Kottu House - it's tasty!

Role: Camera, Co-Writer, Editor